Nail Treatments

Nail treatments

I carry out nail treatments using the popular OPI product range, the hardwearing ASP gel polish and also ASP gel overlays.

Please note whilst we make every effort to keep our prices up to date, that prices are subject to change without notice. Please call 07771 738839 with any questions.

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  File & Polish
30 mins
1 hour
1 hr 15min
Young Miss Manicure
(under 10's)
30 mins
OPI Manicure £12.00 £20.00 £25.00 £8.00
OPI Pedicure £12.00 £20.00 £25.00 £8.00
ASP gel polish   £20.00 £25.00  
ASP gel polish pedicure   £20.00 £25.00  
ASP gel polish removal & re-do   £25.00 £30.00  
ASP gel polish removal £10.00      
1hr 30 mins
1 hr 40 mins
40 mins
50 mins
ASP gel overlays
Inc. tip extensions (fingers only)
£30.00 £35.00 £25.00 £15.00
Replacement nail repair £5.00      


ASP Gel Overlays

ASP is now the most popular gel system in the US.
Overlay Cuticle removal, fake tip application (filed down to your preferred length and shape), gel preparation & application (cured with UV lamp)

ASP Gel Polish

14 day chip resistant polish (cured with UV lamp)

File & Polish

Nail soak, file & polish

OPI Manicure

Nail soak, cuticle tidy, exfoliation, moisturising hand & arm massage, file & OPI polish

Deluxe Manicure

Hand soak, cuticle tidy, exfoliation, moisturising massage, paraffin wax, file & polish

OPI Pedicure

Foot soak, cuticle tidy, exfoliation, moisturising foot & calf massage, file & polish